AV Mogul is a conference room building simulator. Start with an empty room - build it up. Every new item adds revenue to your room! Earn money while you're gone, and use the money to upgrade your room even more.

What is AV Mogul?

Did you know that there is an app that gamifys Audio Visual integration? AV Mogul by our friend Julio Carrasco, whose face graces the app icon, takes you through the process of designing and insta…


There's a rack closet waiting for you to use it. Buy amplifiers, switches, and processors to ramp up your conference room revenue!

Buy equipment from the shop.

AV Mogul has over 25 items you can add and install to your room, including remotes, Tv's, chairs, tables, and more. 

Place items in your conference room.

Earn money, spend money. 

Each item has a price, time to install, and usually upgrade to cooler versions!

Upgrade your rack and the equipment in it!

Your AV empire is playing even while you're away, which means you can always come back and install new things!

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